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Father, Fencing Master, Populist Republican; Be thankful we're not getting all the government we're paying for.

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I am an Old School Republican, think Teddy Roosevelt, not Ronald Reagan. I also think pretty well of Nixon prior to that whole Watergate debacle. I am Not a Social Conservative but I am a Fiscal Conservative. I spend my time out of work Teaching Fencing at the local Community College and leading a Boy Scout Troop.

One of the things I love about fencing is that it teaches civility and restraint (unlike some other Sports). It is in the rules that if you don't shake hands with your opponent before and after a bout, or if you verbally abuse your opponent or the judge while on the fencing strip you can be penalized points or even ejected. In fencing, like every sport your emotions can get high, but in a sport where you are swinging swords at each other, it is good to be capable of a little self restraint.